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Google’s Daydream VR Is Only Getting Better

We think Google’s soft, friendly Daydream View virtual reality headset is — just quietly — one of the biggest leaps forward that VR has had this year. It’s relatively affordable, easy to set up and use, and includes a motion-sensitive…

No Comments / 69 View / December 16, 2016

Virtual Reality: Just for fun? It won’t stay that way!

While the 1992 film Toys, starring the late, great Robin Williams, did not meet with universal acclaim (it registered a paltry 26% at the review site Rotten Tomatoes, despite receiving two Oscar nominations for its artistic merit), it contained at least…

No Comments / 10 View / May 4, 2016

Controlling a Drone With the Zeiss VR One

LAS VEGAS—Virtual Reality was a big topic at the 2016 CES. It seemed like folks wearing headsets were everywhere, with entertainment options ranging from kid-friendly video games all the way through adult-only entertainment. I’ve only dabbled with the VR world,…

No Comments / 115 View / January 31, 2016