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Virat Kohli’s New Game for Android Is Not Your Typical Cricket Game

HIGHLIGHTS At the core of Virat Super Cricket is a single-player mode The game lets you play as Virat Kohli and chronicles his rise to fame Virat Kohli Super Cricket is slated for release this month There are a lot…

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The Best JRPG Of The Decade

There have been many JRPGs released over the past five years, and many of them are great. Only one can be safely labeled the best. Said JRPG is called Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky, and despite the awfully…

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Life-size Arkham Knight Batman Could…

Pros: He looks amazing, and was made using the the game’s own files, so he’s 100% authentic, down to the smallest detail. It’s also somewhere neat to hang your hats/coats. Cons: Where the fuck do you put this? And how…

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Steam Controller review

Despite warnings of headaches, square eyes or worse, PC gamers the world over get their gaming kicks just a few feet from a monitor, huddled over the keyboard with their trusty mouse in tow. But with the new Steam Controller, Valve wants you to ditch the office chair, desk, keyboard, and…

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The Force Awakens

Over the last few months I’ve been watching with increasing amazement at how perfectly the new Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, has been pitched. Nostalgia has been a key tool for Hollywood for a long time now. Whether it’s…

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World of Tanks game finds ally in Fury film

Wargaming The modified M4A3E8 Sherman tank that appears in the game World of Tanks. Fury is rolling into World of Tanks. Before the World War II tank drama reaches theatres, video gamers can make like Brad Pitt’s character, Sergeant Don…

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Call of Moral Duty – Making Games for Change

We’ve been making newsgames with the aim of engaging people with real world issues such as the war in Syria and the War on Drugs in Mexico. But games have become a diverse tool that is impacting on more that just the political arena –…

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Alpha and Omega-3: Camelina Caper

   Camelina Caper, the latest project from GameTheNews.net, is a light hearted glimpse into the work of Rothamsted Research, produced for the BBSRC Great British Bioscience Festival exhibit Alpha & Omega; making fish oils in GM plants. The exhibit will…

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