Google intros VR180 format to make creating virtual reality content easier

by / No Comments / 22 View / June 29, 2017

There are quite a few companies invested in virtual reality right now, and since VR is a relatively new platform, those firms are also working to get content onto their platforms. That includes Google.

Google today announced VR180, a new video format that aims to make creating VR content easier. VR180 videos are high-resolution clips that are meant to look great when viewed on a standard desktop or mobile device, but can also transition to a VR experience when viewed on a Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, or PSVR device.

When you watch a VR180 video on one of these three platforms, you’ll be able to view images stereoscopically in 3D. VR180 also supports livestreaming.

Creators that want to make content with VR180 can film their videos they way they normally would with any other camera. Google says that soon they’ll be able to edit using normal tools like Premiere Pro, too.

Finally, Google is working with manufacturers to build cameras focused on creating VR180 content. The goal is for these cameras to be just as easy to use as a point-and-shoot camera and around the same price, too. Google says that VR180 cameras from YI, Lenovo, and LG are in the works and that the first ones will launch this winter.

Because VR is a growing platform and users are hungry for content, there are creators out there that want to make content for virtual reality. Doing so can be expensive and time-consuming, though, and so Google is hoping to make everyone happier with its new VR180 format. We’ll have to wait and see if creators actually take to the new format, but if it’s as easy to use as Google makes it out to be, it could be worth a look.

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