Google Glass receiving XE23 software update

by / No Comments / 17 View / June 21, 2017

It’s been awhile since we’ve heard any news about Google Glass, but that’s changing today.

Google has unleashed a new update for the Google Glass. The update is version XE23 and includes support for Bluetooth input devices, enabling you to pair your Glass with Bluetooth devices like keyboards and more.

Also included in the XE23 update are unspecified bug fixes and performance improvements.

It’s kind of strange to see a new Google Glass update rolling out. Not only has it been a long time since Google has said anything about Glass, but the last time that an update was released was way back in October 2014. Considering Google’s recent silence on Glass, it seems unlikely that we’re going to start seeing regular updates roll out again, but this week’s release of XE23 is a nice surprise for anyone that might still have Glass.

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