EE is about to seriously upgrade your 4G speeds

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Whenever you’re left in a barren wasteland without the joys of Wi-Fi, the 4G symbol popping up can be a saving grace in a world still left to cope with the odd 3G and GPRS connection.

With EE’s 4G network still only at the tender age of four, though, it’s yet to really allow us to watch pet videos on YouTube from literally anywhere.

Its last major upgrade, two years ago, saw the company switch on Cat 6 LTE-Advanced. Now, EE has announced it’s begun rolling out Cat 9 technology – seemingly becoming the first UK provider to do so in the process.

This increases the maximum download speed on EE’s 4G+ network from 300 Mbps to 450 Mbps, though real-world testing puts the max at more like 360 Mbps.

Great, so we’ve finally made it?

Well, not quite. As always in the world of tech, there’s a catch.

In the case of all-encompassing 4G, it appears that only a handful of phones can currently take full advantage. Only the Galaxy S6 Edge+, S7, S7 Edge and HTC 10 can make use of all that bandwidth. The Galaxy Note 7 would be able to as well, but that device is apparently too busy combusting to be sold.

And if you’re on Team Apple and want to get involved, it’s pretty likely the upcoming iPhone will support Cat 9.

The network is already rolling out in parts of London, with those in Manchester and Birmingham set to also receive the high speeds later this year. And by the end of 2017, EE expects to have Cat 9 up and running on over 500 masts.

That’s a lot of cats.

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