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OnePlus officially unveils OnePlus 5

Leading up to today’s reveal of the OnePlus 5, leaks of the specifications and design of the phone were rampant. Many of those rumors were confirmed, leaving little left to the imagination. On the other hand, while most information was…

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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 rumored for late August debut

Now that the Galaxy S8 has launched, a lot of focus is going to be placed on Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy Note 8. Today two reports have surfaced that claim to have some info on the next Note. Samsung is currently…

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Apple is the latest company to be linked with a possible bid for an investment in Toshiba’s sizable computer memory business, which is up for sale. The iPhone-maker is prepared to make a direct investment of several billion dollars in…

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Google just launched a new app that orders food, pays utility bills, and thousands of other things

Life these days is on a fast pace. Whether it’s chores, or just getting things checked off your laundry or shopping list, all help is welcome. Turns out, Google now has a new app for that. Earlier this week, Google…

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Say hi to another hot bezel-less phone, the Maze Alpha

Think only heavyweights like Samsung and LG can create smartphones with nearly no bezel? A new Chinese company called Maze Mobile is set to challenge that notion, with an upcoming smartphone that’s pretty much all screen on the front. All…

No Comments / 19 View / April 19, 2017

Twitter has had a dislike button for months and you didn’t notice

The tweet made me angry. I realized that most of this guy’s recent tweets were pissing me off. It was a shame, really, since I admired his work and was a long-time Twitter follower. But this was just too much….

No Comments / 21 View / April 16, 2017

Instagram is absolutely crushing Snapchat and there’s no end in sight

Now Instagram’s just rubbing it in. In case the Facebook-owned company hadn’t already made it abundantly clear that burying Snapchat under an endlessly growing pile of lookalike products was its top priority, Instagramhas some fresh salt to rub into Snap’s…

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PROS: Unique glasses-free 3D display Enjoy 3D content on-the-go Bundled virtual reality experience Decent camera performance CONS: Quite expensive compared to China’s SRP Limited 3D and VR store content library Plastic build MyPhone, in partnership with SuperD, has brought a…

No Comments / 30 View / February 28, 2017


PROS: * Premium build * Good display * Great camera * Good performance * Long battery life * Multi-account feature CONS: * Some pre-installed and unfamiliar apps * UI could do well with a simpler layout * Limited availability (out…

No Comments / 35 View / February 22, 2017


After the Redmi 3, Redmi Note 3 and Redmi Note 3 full version Netcom on the market for some time, Xiaomi release another 1000 Yuan new flagship Redmi 3S and this device has come to our evaluation room. Snapdragon 430…

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