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you’ll soon be able to remove your default iPhone apps

Honestly, when was the last time you used the Apple Stocks app? Or Compass? Or Watch, or iBooks, or Tips? Residing in the depths of a ‘Useless’ folder on your otherwise pristine iPhone screen, these default, indestructible apps might soon be…

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The best new smartphones that aren’t made by Apple

Not impressed by Apple’s iPhone SE? We don’t blame you. The smaller, 4-inch handset might appeal to those looking for a budget upgrade, but Apple’s repurposed ‘iPhone 5 with new brains’ will leave many desiring a true ‘flagship’ phone wanting…

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While no new data was found on the San Bernardino iPhone, it still helped the FBI

CNN today reports that while the FBI did not find anything new on the San Bernardino iPhone 5c that itunlocked without Apple’s help, it has “produced data the FBI didn’t have before.” Essentially, not finding anything new on the device…

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Google Photos now smartly sorts your snaps automatically

Taking lots of photos when you’re doing some fun is great, but sorting them when you go home is not. But now you don’t have to. Use Google Photos and it takes care of organization for you, with smart albums that…

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Learning to code for mobile means getting your hands dirty

So you want to code for iOS 9. If you’re serious about it, you’ll have to be ready to dig in with both hands, to get a grip on the concepts, techniques and languages of mobile development. That’s exactly what…

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How to decide which iPad is best for you

With the iPad lineup now verging on unwieldy, it’s harder than ever to decide which Apple tablet to buy. Which iPad is best for you? That’s going to depend on your needs, desires and budget — but your iPad buyer’s…

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Upgrade to iOS 9.3 now to protect photos and videos from iMessage hack

hen Apple announced the update to its iOS software this week, it was probably hoping that one of its most important changes would slip through unnoticed. The iOS 9.3 software update includes a fix for a vulnerability in Apple’s iMessage – or texts –…

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Which smartphone is the most likely to be stolen in the UK?

The iPhone is no longer the handset most coveted by phone thieves. According to new numbers, it’s the HTC M8, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which are the smartphones most likely to be stolen in the UK, based on an estimate…

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BT BT8500 review

The BT8500 is quite simply the phone I’ve been waiting for since February 2009. That was when I first reviewed the rather-brilliant TrueCall device, a clever little box that screened and blocked calls so you only talked to the people…

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Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6

All of the flagship phones get a yearly update. While each upgrade can cause people with previous years’ models to get serious phone envy, it’s not always worth upgrading. Not every generation of handset introduces new features that you absolutely…

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