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Veteran maker of game controllers Mad Catz is no more after filing for bankruptcy in California

Gaming accessory manufacturer Mad Catz has filed for bankruptcy in the United States, ending its 28-year-long history. The San Diego-based firm had been suffering financial problems for years. As of March 30, the company officially shut down and began the…

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The Jak and Daxter games are coming to PlayStation 4 as PS2 Classics

We don’t know about you, but we are absolute suckers for enhanced versions of older games on newer consoles, eating up HD remasters and 1080p, 60fps ‘definitive editions’ like there’s no tomorrow. That’s why the announcement of upscaled versions of…

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PS4 Pro vs PS4: Which PS4 should you buy and should PS4 owners upgrade to the PS4 Pro? Here’s everything you need to know. Sony launched two new PS4 versions in late 2016. One is the PS4 Pro – a…

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Titanfall 2 review: Mechanised warfare in a refreshing package

The original Titanfall brought with it a lot of criticism. With no proper single-player campaign and very little depth in its multiplayer modes, Respawn’s 2014 FPS felt just a little too stale for my tastes. It may come as a…

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Pokémon Sun and Moon review: Dawn of a new era

Evolution is one of the key tenets of Pokémon. As your monsters grow and level up, they eventually transform into bigger, more powerful creatures, opening up new move sets and methods of play. And yet for years, Pokémon as a…

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare review: To Infinity Ward and beyond

With Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 both jostling for FPS supremacy last month, you might say Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has come too late in the day to really make its mark. Despite flinging the franchise even further afield…

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Scared of wandering around a big city with a backpack on, because an unscrupulous thief could unzip a pocket and steal your phone? If so, the RiutBag backpack could be for you, because it completely reverses the basic backpack design….

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Virat Kohli’s New Game for Android Is Not Your Typical Cricket Game

HIGHLIGHTS At the core of Virat Super Cricket is a single-player mode The game lets you play as Virat Kohli and chronicles his rise to fame Virat Kohli Super Cricket is slated for release this month There are a lot…

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What is UPI – the Apps, Charges, and Everything Else You Should Know

HIGHLIGHTS The UPI rollout started last week with 19 banks UPI is an interoperable money transfer system It brings the convenience of a wallet, and the power of your debit card Of late, you’ve probably been hearing a lot of…

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Street Fighter V – a review for those returning to the fight

In terms of game design here’s little simpler than two players duking it out on a single screen, on a single 2D plane even. The fighting game has an illustrious history, at one point such games were system sellers and…

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