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Google’s Daydream VR Is Only Getting Better

We think Google’s soft, friendly Daydream View virtual reality headset is — just quietly — one of the biggest leaps forward that VR has had this year. It’s relatively affordable, easy to set up and use, and includes a motion-sensitive…

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Beats Solo2 Headphones: Australian Review

I’ve never really liked Beats headphones. I think they look gaudy, they’re overpriced, and they’re aimed at buyers more concerned with fashion than frequency response. For all these reasons, I’m really conflicted about the new Beats Solo2 — since they’re…

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Samsung’s Gear S2 will soon get another substantial software upgrade

It’s been a while since Samsung’s much-vaunted Gear S2 has seen a coat of fresh of software paint, but a few months after its firmware update from July (which added a recommended apps screen, a tweaked world clock and weather interface, enhanced voice assistant capabilities,…

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KEY FEATURES Fixed-wing drone 50 mph top speed 45 minute flight time Return Home function Orbital standby mode FPV Cockpitglasses 2km range from Skycontroller 2 remote control Manufacturer: Parrot Review Price: £1,149.99/$1,725 TAKING PARROT’S FIXED-WING DRONE TO THE SKIES OF…

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HIGHS Great quality in most conditions Fantastic user interface for camera and mobile app Easy to share and edit video LOWS Low quality camera mount Lens halo effect in sunlight The Waylens Horizon camera made automotive enthusiasts run to their…

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Turn it up: Your buying guide to Beats wireless headphones

For some, Beats are the only headphone option to consider, because they have that intangible “cool factor” other brands lack. If you’re in the market for your first pair of wireless Beats, we’re here to help. Beats headphones: Audiophiles need…

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Eye-tracking VR headset Fove 0 pre-orders activated

Those who desire to immerse themselves in virtual reality space end up only bearing witness to what goes on around them when they’re just sitting there. It usually takes a button, a controller, a quasi-visible physical detachment from the environment…

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Samsung Gear S2 software update leaves many without email notifications

One great feature of the Tizen-enabled Samsung Gear wearables is that you can read the full text of an email and decide to delete, sort or even reply right from your smartwatch. Unfortunately, Gear S2 owners won’t have that privilege…

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Stylish Huawei Fit activity tracker monitors your heart rate for $130

It looks like Huawei doesn’t want anything to distract us from the headliner of today’s Munich hardware announcement event, voluntarily letting a few images of the Fit wearable slip yesterday, and now fully unveiling (minimal fanfare and all) the “international”…

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Phil Schiller says the MacBook Pro doesn’t need an SD card slot

Apple is taking a lot of flack for its decision to drop the SD card slot from the new MacBook Pro range and outfit it with Thunderbolt ports only, but the company is confident it’s made the right choice — even…

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