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Gigabyte Reveals Motherboards With Embedded Gemini Lake CPUs

Gigabyte announced new additions to its J and N series of embedded mini-ITX motherboards. The new platforms come with CPUs from Intel’s recently-announced Gemini Lake family, and replace the previous Apollo Lake-based boards. The new CPUs are divided among the Intel Pentium Silver, Celeron…

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Energous WattUp Wirelessly Charges Gadgets 3 Feet Away

Wireless charging has been growing in popularity over the past few years, but it is still quite limited. The main convenience offered is no longer having to plug a cable into the device that needs charging, but you still need…

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Nvidia Is Done Releasing Drivers for 32-Bit Operating Systems

Is there really any reason to still use a 32-bit operating system? Unless you have some legacy (or complicated) devices that needs a 32-bit operating system to work, most people should be on a 64-bit OS for its added security and speed….

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Microsoft Surface Laptop review

The Surface Laptop couldn’t have come at a worse time, but that doesn’t mean that it’s a lackluster product. Quite the opposite really. Instead, nowadays, it’s an affordable alternative to the Surface Book 2for those users who don’t plan on taking…

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Microsoft Surface Pro review

We wouldn’t blame you for having missed Microsoft’s 12 Days of Deals across Windows 10 devices. After all, it only lasted for 12 days. But, what you might not have realized is that – even without a discounted price attached – the…

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What Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon chip may mean for Galaxy S9

Your next Android smartphone is about to get a lot smarter. Qualcomm on Wednesday detailed its upcoming Snapdragon 845 processor, which will likely power most high-end Android phones launching in 2018. The chip boasts improved image- and video-capture abilities, smarter…

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The future of iPhone: An iPhone in every size?

Every few years since its inception, the design of Apple’s iPhone tends to go through some major changes. The first three iPhones are all similar to each other; the iPhone 4 brought sharper corners and glass backs; the iPhone 5…

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Smartphone-controlled paper airplanes prove everything is better with Bluetooth

Adding Bluetooth, a propeller, and steering to a paper airplane is the future we always dreamed of. A Kickstarter project, PowerUp Dart, is a Bluetooth-enabled paper airplane kit that makes the 12-year-old in all of us smile. And so far, it’s raised…

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Oculus Go is VR’s biggest milestone, and its greatest compromise

It’s easy to dismiss Oculus Go. Not unlike Gear VR or Daydream, Go offers the world yet another headset that’s stripped of everything that makes VR so promising. It’s not attention grabbing, certainly isn’t sexy, and it doesn’t offer anything others don’t, at least…

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When you bought your Kindle Fire, maybe you knew that you were entering a world without the Google Play Store, and did it anyway. Or, perhaps you were surprised to find out that you weren’t able to find apps like…

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