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Smartwatch-making company CEO: Smartwatches are pointless

There’s firm, tough leadership, and then there’s … whatever this is. Calling one of your company’s newest high-profile releases essentially useless probably isn’t the best way to boost team morale — but that didn’t stop Huawei Deputy Chairman and rotating…

No Comments / 1 View / April 26, 2017


Google just launched a new app that orders food, pays utility bills, and thousands of other things

Life these days is on a fast pace. Whether it’s chores, or just getting things checked off your laundry or shopping list, all help is welcome. Turns out, Google now has a new app for that. Earlier this week, Google…

No Comments / 1 View / April 25, 2017


Bah, humbug — I’m a hashtag holiday grinch

I noticed something a bit strange as I was scrolling through my Twitter feed last weekend: I was being bombarded with unicorns. #BelieveinYOUnicorns was a top trending topic, and, after poking around, I found out I was late to the…

No Comments / 5 View / April 23, 2017


This tech giant just hit two impressive clean energy milestones

Cloud computing giant Salesforce has achieved two big feats: net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in its direct operations, and a “carbon-neutral cloud” for all its customers. The San Francisco firm on Thursday said it reached the environmental milestones by investing in…

No Comments / 4 View / April 22, 2017


Let’s face it: Smartwatches are a complete and utter failure

The CEO of Chinese electronics maker Huawei raised eyebrows this week when he publicly trashed smartwatches. “I am always confused as to what smartwatches are for when we have smartphones,” Eric Xu Zhijun said, adding that he would never ever…

No Comments / 23 View / April 20, 2017


Say hi to another hot bezel-less phone, the Maze Alpha

Think only heavyweights like Samsung and LG can create smartphones with nearly no bezel? A new Chinese company called Maze Mobile is set to challenge that notion, with an upcoming smartphone that’s pretty much all screen on the front. All…

No Comments / 3 View / April 19, 2017


These five trends are shaping technology development in Australia

Four out of five Australian executives agree that technology development is no longer a linear process, but is happening exponentially. In the Accenture Technology Vision 2017, the overriding message is that as technology becomes more sophisticated, it’s not the technology…

No Comments / 7 View / April 17, 2017


Twitter has had a dislike button for months and you didn’t notice

The tweet made me angry. I realized that most of this guy’s recent tweets were pissing me off. It was a shame, really, since I admired his work and was a long-time Twitter follower. But this was just too much….

No Comments / 3 View / April 16, 2017


Instagram is absolutely crushing Snapchat and there’s no end in sight

Now Instagram’s just rubbing it in. In case the Facebook-owned company hadn’t already made it abundantly clear that burying Snapchat under an endlessly growing pile of lookalike products was its top priority, Instagramhas some fresh salt to rub into Snap’s…

No Comments / 8 View / April 14, 2017

Inside Baidu Technology Park

Baidu is acquiring xPerception, a US startup focused on computer vision

Baidu is acquiring xPerception, a U.S. startup specialized in computer vision, according to Reuters. Details are sparse, but we know the startup has its own module for object recognition and depth perception that can be deployed on robots and drones….

No Comments / 8 View / April 11, 2017