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Jabra is all talk with its Halo Smart Bluetooth earbuds

At $80, the Jabra Halo Smart is in a bit of a gray area. It’s hardly what the majority of users would call “cheap,” but it still comes in well below other wireless offerings from companies like Jaybird. They’re not fitness…

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Family-photo-sharing platform Togethera shutters after low growth numbers

London-based Togethera, a startup that allowed families to share photo albums privately, is to shutter after failing to raise beyond its initial £250,000 seed round from 2014. The startup managed to garner 65,000 users for its web/mobile platform for private…

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Zore X is a smart gun lock that raised almost $250K on Indiegogo

An unlocked gun can ruin more than one life. In fact, The Trace reports that toddlers shot an average of one person per week for the 2015 year, often injuring or killing themselves, because they were able to get on their…

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Natural Cycles gets $6M to convince more women to ditch the pill

Can an app stop you from getting pregnant? In conjunction with daily input from a basal body thermometer, it can indeed. European startup Natural Cycles, which also bills itself as a fertility tracking service, is today announcing a $6 million Series…

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Rows of office workers working on computers with data streaming

You’re doing DevOps wrong

Gone are the days of the quarterly product release cycle. To meet the evolving expectations of today’s end user, software must continuously adapt. As a result, hyper-automation of the software development process has become the thing on which companies, regardless of…

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Emerging markets’ challenge to Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley leads the global technology innovation markets with the credentials and an ecosystem that is second to none. We have had contact with many of the leading technology accelerators operating out of Silicon Valley, and their opening line for…

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Mobile Strategy and ROI Calculation

When it comes to developing a successful mobile strategy, and building a long-lasting relationship with customers, a CMO is often faced with difficult considerations around the best way to measure success. The process of creating an app and investing significant…

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WebRTC is a Natural Fit for the Enterprise

Here’s something funny. While most complain that WebRTC isn’t suitable for the enterprise, it is probably the next best thing happening to enterprises. And it is all because we’re in the midst of a digital transformation. WebRTC is a five-year-old…

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Ehang 184 Autonomous Drone – The World First Human Carrying Drone

Designers from chinese drone maker Ehang released at CES 2016 the extraordinary autonomous drone designed to carry a single passenger, for short to medium distances. The world’s first human-carrying drone has been named Ehang 184 your not going to need…

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Razer opens pre-orders for OSVR HDK 2 virtual reality headset

When it comes to buying a serious VR headset, to most it’s largely a question of choosing the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive. There is a second tier of lesser-known VR headsets however, and at the forefront of them is the OSVR…

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