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Moto G4 Amazon Prime Edition bootloader is just locked

You can get the Amazon Prime version of the Moto G4 for $50 less than what you’d normally pay for it. The catch was that you’d be getting a ton of Amazon suggestions for things you might buy and all…

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HTC and HP tipped to soon join forces on Vive-branded VR-ready PCs

When in financial trouble, most tech outfits look to streamline their product portfolio, reduce expenses and focus on one or a few things they’ve been doing for a while. But that’s not working in HTC’s slumping camp, so instead of…

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Verizon Unlimited Data Plan Migration may be final stab at moving grandfathered plans over to tiered ones

If you are still clinging hard to that old, overpriced and out-of-contract Verizon unlimited data plan… you’re going to have to use less data and cling harder. Use less data, huh? Maybe that won’t even be enough. From sources to Droid…

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Moto Z Droid Edition pre-orders open up

We have a slathering of Moto Z coverage for you right now, but a lot more ahead as well. In the meantime, we thought you should know that Verizon is now opening up pre-orders for the Moto Z Droid Edition…

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Apple slapped with lawsuit over refurbished iPhone and iPad warranty replacements

The AppleCare+ warranty extension program looks pretty sweet and straightforward at first glance. For an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, it covers two accidental damage incidents up to two years from your original purchase date, and it only costs $130…

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Level up your PC with 10 premium apps, now 90 percent off

Increase the life expectancy of your computer and improve your productivity with The Ultimate PC Bundle, featuring Scrivener and CCleaner Pro, at a savings of more than 90 percent off the MSRP. The Ultimate PC Bundle will improve the overall effectiveness of your computing…

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Firefox will soon start blocking invisible Flash content

Starting in August, Mozilla’s Firefox will block Flash content that “is not essential to the user experience,” the organization announced today. With this move, Mozilla is following Google’s lead, which made a similar decision last year and now plans to almost…

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Teal drone set to blaze across the skies at 85mph in time for the holidays

George Matus has been building drones since he was 11 years old. At 18, he has built the world’s fastest production drone, Teal. The 730 gram craft will be able to takeoff at 70mph and has hit speeds of close to…

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1469079271-6512-hot-2016-07-20-at-3-21-46-pm, a Pandora for comedy, launches into beta, a startup that’s something like a Pandora – but for comedy – is today launching into public beta. Via its website and forthcoming mobile application, users can stream stand-up sets and other routines from over 400 of today’s leading comics,…

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Corning’s stronger Gorilla Glass 5 is hitting devices later this year

Corning has managed the remarkable feat of making smartphone glass – if not sexy exactly, at the very least compelling. Smartphone makers tend not to go out of their way when it comes to talking up third-party component manufacturers, but…

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