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GearVR update brings much-needed native viewcapture tool to compatible phones

Here’s the thing: when your eyes are synthesizing information from multiple screens into a three-dimensional virtual space, the word “screenshot” fails to describe what it is doing almost as badly as it fails to document what you are experiencing. So…

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Google tries its hand at social again with launch of group chat app, Spaces

Google is not giving up on its social ambitions, it seems, despite its failures with Google+. The company announced this morning a new social app called Spaces, which focuses on group sharing. The app allows small groups of users to…

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Snips is a personal assistant that combines all your data in one app

French startup Snips is launching its first product today, an iOS app that is supposed to make your life easier by letting you view and search your data more easily. Snips is a personal assistant that helps you know where…

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Google Image Search will now include shopping ads

As more of today’s consumers shop online using their mobile devices, often bypassing Google for e-commerce sites directly – and especially Amazon – Google has moved to combat the trend by launching its own visual shopping ads. Announced just ahead of…

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Swiftkey’s newest keyword app, Swiftmoji, suggests emoji as you type

SwiftKey, the smart keyboard app maker acquired by Microsoft for $250 million earlier this year, is now testing its next product, a predictive keyboard app called Swiftmoji. As you may have guessed by the name, this new app focuses on helping you…

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Google debuts Allo, an AI-based chat app using its new assistant bot, smart replies and more

Today at I/O, Google took the wraps off its latest foray into the world of communications: the company announced Allo, a smart messaging app supercharged with machine learning and Google’s new Google Assistant service (its answer to Amazon’s Alexa), giving users the ability not just to chat…

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Google takes a new approach to native apps with Instant Apps for Android

Mobile apps often provide a better user experience than browser-based web apps, but you first have to find them, download them, and then try not to forget you installed them. Now, Google wants us to rethink what mobile apps are…

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Android N gets a low-latency VR mode

“When we started Android, we didn’t foresee many use cases,” Android VP of Engineering David Burke told me, adding that, with VR, latency is one of the main problems. The “motion-to-photon ratio,” as Burke calls it, has long been an…

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Google releases an updated, faster version of Android Studio

Google is updating its Android Studio developer environment with a whole slew of upgrades under the hood that’ll make it faster. The company unveiled the new tool at its Google I/O developer conference in Mountain View. Making the developer experience…

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Android apps can now react to your environment

What if the apps on your phone knew where you were, what you were doing, what’s nearby, and even what the weather was like outside, and then combined this information to react intelligently to your current situation? Would that be creepy…

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