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Asus’ ZenBook range is one of consumer technology’s pleasant consistencies, both in terms of their stylish designs but also in terms ofperformance. Last year’s ZenBook UX305 was the first ZenBook to use Intel’s new Core M processors and gave Windows-based…

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The iPhone line just got more expansive, with the new, smaller-yet-powerful iPhone SE dropping into the fray to compliment the bigger and still powerful iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus handsets. So how do you choose…

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How to get the best sound from your turntable

Vinyl is the format that just refuses to die. Back in the late 1990s its days seemed numbered, but since then, slowly but surely, sales have been building. And we’re glad. It’s a format we like, and it’s capable of a…

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This is why you do actually need to switch your phone to flight mode

Among the many annoyances (yes, we’re aware this is #firstworldproblem territory) of flying is being asked to switch your phone on to flight mode well before taking off, forcing us to miss out on that crucial extra two minutes of…

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The best new smartphones that aren’t made by Apple

Not impressed by Apple’s iPhone SE? We don’t blame you. The smaller, 4-inch handset might appeal to those looking for a budget upgrade, but Apple’s repurposed ‘iPhone 5 with new brains’ will leave many desiring a true ‘flagship’ phone wanting…

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Here’s everything you need to know about Amazon’s new Kindle Oasis

Amazon isn’t trying to replace the book. Which is sensible. “Paper is still the golden standard for reading,” vice president of industrial design at Amazon Devices Chris Green told at the unveiling of their new Kindle – the Oasis. “It always will be….

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Street Fighter V – a review for those returning to the fight

In terms of game design here’s little simpler than two players duking it out on a single screen, on a single 2D plane even. The fighting game has an illustrious history, at one point such games were system sellers and…

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The 20 best platformers of all time

You run, you jump, you land, or you die – platformers have followed the same general theme since the earliest days of gaming. And it’s one we’ve never grown tired of. To celebrate our love of running, jumping and bouncing on heads,…

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The Witness review

After the brain-scratching puzzles of cult indie hitBraid, it was only fitting that Jonathan Blow’s next project would be something equally mind-melting. Enter The Witness, a first person puzzle game that has some similarities to PC classic Myst, but with…

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Pokken Tournament review

When Pokemon Stadium first arrived in 2000, my catch ’em all-addled brain couldn’t barely contain itself. Finally, the time had come when I could fight with my hard-earned critters in glorious 3D, running and dashing about in massive arena battles…

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