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Android Pay takes its battle against Apple Pay to the U.K.

Android Pay, Google’s answer to Apple Pay, is finally expanding to new markets. Google has announced that the service will be making its debut in the United Kingdom “in the next few months,” and it will launch with support from…

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Google Photos now smartly sorts your snaps automatically

Taking lots of photos when you’re doing some fun is great, but sorting them when you go home is not. But now you don’t have to. Use Google Photos and it takes care of organization for you, with smart albums that…

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Learning to code for mobile means getting your hands dirty

So you want to code for iOS 9. If you’re serious about it, you’ll have to be ready to dig in with both hands, to get a grip on the concepts, techniques and languages of mobile development. That’s exactly what…

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How to decide which iPad is best for you

With the iPad lineup now verging on unwieldy, it’s harder than ever to decide which Apple tablet to buy. Which iPad is best for you? That’s going to depend on your needs, desires and budget — but your iPad buyer’s…

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Apple Pay is expanding to mobile websites

Using Apple Pay to buy items has been limited to physical retail stores and apps, but Apple is reportedly planning to rollout the service soon to mobile websites, putting it in closer competition with PayPal and other platforms. The mobile…

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Smaller iPad Pro is even bigger on features

Size isn’t the only thing that counts when you’re weighing your iPad Pro options. Sure, it’s a major consideration. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro that Apple showed off earlier this week has the same dimensions of the less sprawling iPad Air…

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How to choose the best iPhone for you

The iPhone line just got more expansive, with the new, smaller-yet-powerful iPhone SE dropping into the fray to compliment the bigger and still powerful iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus handsets. So how do you choose…

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Upgrade to iOS 9.3 now to protect photos and videos from iMessage hack

hen Apple announced the update to its iOS software this week, it was probably hoping that one of its most important changes would slip through unnoticed. The iOS 9.3 software update includes a fix for a vulnerability in Apple’s iMessage – or texts –…

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Do you have one of the most common passwords?

If your password is “123456”, “qwerty” or even “password”, it would be a good idea to change it right now. The three terms are among the most commonly-used passwords of 2015, according to an annual ranking from a security group. SplashData,…

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Which smartphone is the most likely to be stolen in the UK?

The iPhone is no longer the handset most coveted by phone thieves. According to new numbers, it’s the HTC M8, followed by the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, which are the smartphones most likely to be stolen in the UK, based on an estimate…

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